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Palliative Parenting Class


Currently enrolling for June 19th – August 7th, 2023

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We know how challenging it can be to parent a child or teen with a mental illness. Our unique approach was developed by CMHRC mental health professionals, parents, and adult patients who know first hand the lived experience of surviving and thriving with mental illness.


Don’t Wait To Get Help


During 8 weekly, live, face-to-face, videoconference group sessions CMHRC experts will teach you how to use each of the Palliative Parenting concepts and guidelines in your parenting.
In just a few short weeks you’ll be equipped to ease symptoms, reduce outbursts, and improve quality of life for you and your children.
Registration fee: $499
For a limited time: Add your child’s co-parent for
75% off the registration price!
That’s only an additional $125!

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Connect With A Community

Each week CMHRC instructors provide educational material, facilitate discussion, and review strategies and techniques that can be applied immediately. Each group meeting focuses on different elements of Palliative Parenting including acceptance, respect, and community. 
Participants learn through interactions with both experts and classmates. Everyone can ask questions, share experiences, learn from one another, and feel the support of a community of parents and caregivers facing the same challenges

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What People Are Saying


★★★★ “It’s such a relief to finally shed the expectations of others and be the parent my child needs instead of the parent everyone else wants me to be.”

– Lynn, Florida


★★★★ “Palliative Parenting helps me to be the parent my child needs to minimize their emotional pain and live up to their capabilities.” 

– Anne, New York


★★★★ “This is a framework that anyone can use to start improving quality of life immediately.”       

– Alissa, North Dakota


★★★★ “The Palliative Parenting ideas release parents from the psychological prison of thinking there’s only one way to be a parent.” 

-Jana, California


★★★★ “This lets me be the parent that I would want if I were in my child’s shoes.”

– Danielle, Michigan


★★★★ “It’s so simple! It can just be about doing what’s needed for your child in the moment, rather than what any outside expectations are.”

– Lisa, Minnesota


★★★★ “I’m parenting the whole child and making decisions that give my child the best quality of life.”

– Jenn, South Carolina