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CMHRC Toolkit


Managing mental health challenges is a life-long process and the CMHRC Toolkit helps make it easier.

The Toolkit is a web based app which is used to track essential features of mood disorders, bipolar disorder, Fear of Harm, and other mental health disorders.
This simple to use program tracks daily symptom presentation, medication compliance, narrative summaries of each day, and even your local weather.
The Toolkit also allows you to document and track diagnoses given, medication trials, and the effects of various treatment attempts.
With easy to read graphs and data visualizations like the Symptom Severity Index, it’s easy to quickly get a handle on symptoms, triggers, and medication compliance. 

Access to CMHRC’s Toolkit is available to patients, family members, or practitioners for a monthly fee of $14.99.


To purchase the Toolkit click the button below.

Access to CMHRC’s Toolkit is offered for free to CMHRC Members. 


If you would like to become a CMHRC Member and access additional membership privileges please use the button below

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preferred membership option and sign up.

If you are already a CMHRC Member, you can register for access to the Toolkit by emailing your activation request to:


Once your membership has been verified,

a link to activate Toolkit access will be sent.


Once your Toolkit access is active,

you can reach it through the button below.

Screenshots below show some in-app features.

The Member Toolkit app will track daily symptom presentation (which you can customize for your or your child’s symptoms). With a few quick taps you are able to document anywhere from 4-10 symptoms every day with a straightforward interface that makes it easy to see how prevalent or significant the symptoms are each day.

You’ll be able to see graphed visualizations of each symptom to see how it has improved, worsened, or stayed the same over the past week, month, or year.

Customize your Toolkit with all of the medications and supplements you or your child take, and document when they were started.


Each day as you log symptoms you’ll be able to document if medications were taken as prescribed. If you change doses or medications you can archive them with notations as to why those medications were changed or stopped.


By logging medication compliance and changes with symptom intensity you’ll quickly get a clear picture of how the medications you or your child take are impacting stability, which is incredibly important for long term wellness.

CMHRC’s Member Toolkit will also log each day’s weather. For those who understand how closely weather impacts symptoms of bipolar and especially Fear of Harm this will be especially helpful.

Instructional Videos

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