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Upcoming Clinical Seminars


Each month CMHRC hosts an clinical seminar just for mental health practitioners. 


Below you’ll find this year’s clinical seminar schedule (which is updated regularly) and links to register for upcoming events.  


2023 Clinical Seminars 


  • March 2023: Differentiating Bipolar & ADHD (register)
    • Differentiating between ADHD and bipolar in children can challenging. Join CMHRC for a clinician’s only seminar to discuss the diagnostic process, and differentiation strategies and guidelines from some of the fields experts.


  • April 2023: How & Why the DSM Fails Providers and their Patients (register)

    • During this clinical seminar for mental healthcare providers we’ll take a look at the history of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. We’ll explore how it was developed and designed, why it has evolved to be the authoritative source for diagnosing mental illness, and how and why it fails not only the practitioners who rely on it, but their patients as well. Join us as we take a deep dive into a resource that’s so taken for granted its dangerous flaws have been forgotten.  


  • May 2023: TBD (register)



  • June 2023: TBD (register)


  • July 2023: TBD (register)


  • August 2023: TBD (register)


  • September 2023: TBD (register)
  • October 2023: TBD (register)



  • November 2023:TBD (register)


Completed Clinical Seminars

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