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Upcoming Clinical Seminars


Each month CMHRC hosts a clinical seminar just for professionals, including mental health practitioners, educators, and others who work with children. 


Below you’ll find this year’s clinical seminar schedule (which is updated regularly) and links to register for upcoming events.  

2023 Clinical Seminars 



  • October 2023: The Keto Diet, The Science and Impact of Metabolic Therapies on Mental Illness, Part 2* (register)
    • “Could the solution to the mental health crisis be in our refrigerators?” In Part 2* of our series on the impact of a ketogenic diet on bipolar and other mood disorders, we’ll be joined by Dr. Bret Scher, Director of Metabolic Mind, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing the emerging field of metabolic psychiatry. Dr. Scher is a leading expert in therapeutic uses of metabolic therapies, including a ketogenic diet. Join us for Dr. Scher’s presentation on the connection between metabolic and mental health.
    • *Part 1 in this series will take place the previous week (view description of part 1) (register for part 1). 


  • November 2023: Fight, Flight, Freeze: The Limbic System, Behavior Dysregulation, and De-escalation (register)
    • Traditional behavior modification techniques often don’t work for children and teens with mood disorders, bipolar disorder, and Fear of Harm. This causes frustration for kids, parents, teachers, and their providers. Join us to learn about the role the limbic system plays in common symptoms and behaviors associated with mood disorders and bipolar in children and teens. Discussion will focus on how the limbic system contributes to dysregulation and how it can be the key to de-escalation in times of crisis.


  • January 2024: Helping the Helpers, Self-Care for Mental Health Providers (register)
    • We’re called “Helping Professionals” for a reason and helping others is at the center of every mental health provider’s purpose. But, the dramatic increase in need for mental health services is putting unprecedented pressures on mental healthcare workers. It’s important to remember that we can only help our clients and patients when we’re also taking care of ourselves. Join us for a supportive seminar on how to gently and efficiently engage in meaningful self-care as we set ourselves up for a successful year.

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  • March 2023: Differentiating Bipolar & ADHD
    • Differentiating between ADHD and bipolar in children can challenging. Join CMHRC for a clinician’s only seminar to discuss the diagnostic process, and differentiation strategies and guidelines from some of the fields experts.


  • April 2023: How & Why the DSM Fails Providers and their Patients

    • During this clinical seminar for mental healthcare providers we’ll take a look at the history of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. We’ll explore how it was developed and designed, why it has evolved to be the authoritative source for diagnosing mental illness, and how and why it fails not only the practitioners who rely on it, but their patients as well. Join us as we take a deep dive into a resource that’s so taken for granted its dangerous flaws have been forgotten. 


  • May 2023: Can Kids Have Bipolar? How to Recognize and Diagnose Bipolar in Kids

    • Many practitioners have been taught that kids under the age of 16 or 18 years old can’t have bipolar disorder. But that’s simply not true. With different symptom manifestation from adults it can be hard to recognize if you don’t know what to look for. Come join us for a review of symptoms and a discussion on how to integrate this knowledge into your clinical practice.


  • June 2023: What is Fear of Harm? 
    • Heard the term Fear of Harm and want to know more? Fear of Harm is the name used to describe a newly identified phenotype of bipolar disorder that impacts upwards of 250,000 children and 2 million adults in the US alone. Come learn about its origins, how to identify it, and what the research proven treatments are.


  • July 2023: Temperature Dysregulation, Fear of Harm’s Biological Marker
    • As a follow-up to our June clinical seminar introducing the new phenotype of bipolar disorder dubbed “Fear of Harm”, we’re taking a deep dive into its biological marker, temperature dysregulation. Join us for an in depth look at this paradigm shift in the process of diagnosing mental illness and how it can be rooted in the biological and physiological.


  • August 2023: Clinical Instincts, The Art and Science of Listening to Your Gut
    • Clinicians, we are a diagnostic instrument in and of ourselves. Our feelings, reactions, and even our physical responses to our clients is clinical data on what’s going on with them. This month’s seminar is a exploration of the ways in which our responses can provide insight, guide our understanding of our patients’ symptomatic episodes, and lead us towards more effective treatment.  

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