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Now more than ever the media is covering issues related to mental health, mental illness, treatment, and their impacts on daily life. 


Below you’ll find links to a list of news articles, podcast episodes, radio programs, social media posts, and more that relate to the needs of our community of families living with and practitioners treating mood disorders, bipolar disorder, and Fear of Harm.


All of these pieces have been recommended by real-live members of our community. Some are serious, some humorous, some voice opinions, and some are emotionally challenging or could be triggering. Please note that these items have not been curated by CMHRC staff, but are recommended to us. Please exercise caution and assess your own ability to handle the emotions these pieces may bring up for you.


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The Chronic Trauma of Caring for Children With Mental Illness (Psychology Today) May 2023


Bipolar Disorder II – Frequently Neglected, Misdiagnosed (Psychiatric News APA) February 2023


UMaine Study Illuminates grief of parents of children with serious mental illness (UMaine News) February 2023


The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills I Still Use Today (Psychology Today) January 2023


15 Grounding Techniques to Soothe Anxiety, From Therapists (Mind Body Green) January 2023


Living With Bipolar Disorder: My Top 9 Mental Health Hacks (Psychology Today) January 2023


Study Shows that Ketamine Switches Neuronal Activity in the Neocortex (Medical Press) December 2022 

Source Article: Ketamine triggers a switch in excitatory neuronal activity across neocortex (Nature) November 2022


Length of REM Sleep Linked to Body Temperature (SciTechDaily w/ link to Lancet Article) November 2022


How Do psychedelics work? This brain region may explain their effects ( October 2022


Psychiatric Service Dogs for Bipolar Disorder (Very Well Mind) August 2022


Adding Lithium Might Enable Ketamine’s Antidepressant Activity in Ketamine-Resistant Patients, Study Suggests (Brain & Behavior Research Foundation) March 2022


Understanding and Addressing the Ambiguity in Psychiatry (National Alliance on Mental Illness) October 2021


Kids in Illinois Will Soon Be Able to Take 5 Mental Health Days from School (NPR) September 2021


Mood and gut disorders linked to impaired serotonin transport (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) January 2021


Ketamine is Revealing A New Understanding of Depression and the Brain (Elemental) January 2021


Dear ER Staff: My Son Never Asked to Be a Regular (The Mighty) August 2019


Managing the Fear of Being Included (Michael Brunstein, PsyD) July 2015


I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother (Liza Long, Gawker) December 2012



Be Happier in Spite of Your Life – Launch a Non-Profit for Families (Bold Brave TV) March 2023


Light Therapy for Bipolar Disorder (International Society for Bipolar Disorders) October 2022


Dark Therapy (International Society for Bipolar Disorders) October 2022


Introduction to Circadian Rhythms (International Society for Bipolar Disorders) October 2022


Seasonality and Bipolar Disorder (International Society for Bipolar Disorders) October 2022


Tips for Regular Routines (International Society for Bipolar Disorders) October 2022


The Science & Treatment of Bipolar Disorder (The Huberman Lab Podcast)


Lithium Works for Bipolar Disorder. Why Aren’t We Using It? (Medscape) January 2022


Discussion of the Kids We Lose with Dr. Ross Greene (Blog Talk Radio) 2020


A Mental Health Message from Santa Claus (National Alliance on Mental Health) 2020


Circadian Rhythms and Bipolar Disorder (Brain & Behavior Research Foundation) April 2019


Surviving with a Mental Illness (Eric Walton, TED-X) 2016


How Childhood Trauma Effect Health Across a Lifetime (Nadine Burke Harris TEDMED) 2014


Is Bipolar Disorder and Energy Disorder? (Brain & Behaviors Research Foundation) 2014

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