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Each month CMHRC hosts an informational webinar. 


Below you’ll find this year’s webinar schedule and links to register for upcoming events.  


2023 Webinars 


  • March 2023: A Conversation with Steven Hoersting Author of “Maintaining the Truth: A Parent and Caregiver’s Guide to Help Children and Adolescents Accept Their Gifts” (register)
    • Join us for an in depth conversation with Steve Hoersting, a mental health professional with decades of experience working with children and families. His book, Maintaining the Truth, begins with this reminder: “It is important to remember that no two children or adolescents are alike. However…  many will continue to treat these children and teens the same. Let us, together, attempt to discover and promote…  nurturing and problem-solving rather than punitive measures. The process begins with parents and other caregivers.” Join us to learn more. 


  • April 2023: “Palliative Parenting” A New Concept in Parenting Strategies (register)

    • Palliate means, “to ease symptoms or moderate intensity.” Parenting a child with mental health struggles is more challenging than most people realize. It becomes easier when parenting isn’t about “fixing” the child and their struggles, but instead is focused on improving quality of life and easing symptoms through love, acceptance, and empathy. Families and professionals, come learn more about the transformational power of Palliative Parenting.  


  • May 2023: Stories From The Frontlines, The Family Journey (register)

    • Join CMHRC executive director Elizabeth Errico as she welcomes two CMHRC families to talk about the life transforming power of getting the correct diagnosis and treatment for bipolar and Fear of Harm. Too often families are isolated in their struggles with these challenging disorders. As part of the CMHRC family community no one needs to face bipolar and Fear of Harm alone.


  • June 2023: Biomarkers & Thermoregulation (register)
    • In this webinar we’ll we focus on understanding thermoregulation, the hallmark symptom of Fear of Harm. Practitioners, how do you gather information from families about temperature dysregulation? Parents, how do you know what to look for and report it to providers? Patients, what does it feel like to have your temperature out of control? Come get answers to all this and more at this month’s webinar.


  • July 2023: Cooling Strategies & Cooling Plans (register)
    • Cool, cool, cooling for the hot, hot, summer. Families and practitioners alike, come learn about how to use simple at home cooling strategies to manage Fear of Harm symptoms all summer long. We’ll go over how to build a plan to integrate these thermoregulation techniques into daily life. Each goes a long way to reducing overheating and making sleep, moods, and all of daily life more manageable.


  • August 2023: Back to School Essentials (register)
    • As you get ready to send your kids back to school, come learn with JBRF about the IEP & 504 plan development process, how to communicate about your child’s mental health issues with school staff, and how to ensure your child has the right accommodations to succeed in school.  


  • September 2023: Is It Mood or FOH? (register)
    • Join us as we discuss this crucial point that parents and providers both struggle with: when are symptoms caused by mood instability and when are they caused by the FOH biomarker, temperature dysregulation? We’ll give examples and provide context for understanding how to figure out this tricky problem. 


  • October 2023: Managing Behavioral Emergencies (register)

    • Join us for a webinar on managing mental health crises. Learn how to deescalate, how to stay safe, when to call 911, and what your options are once the police and medical personnel arrive. 


  • November 2023: Mood Disorders, Bipolar, & FOH – Seasonal Change (register)
    • The changing of season from fall to winter brings temperature fluctuations, changes in the clocks, and behavioral challenges. At this webinar you’ll learn about simple at home techniques you can use to make these seasonal transitions easier on the whole family. 


  • December 2023: Community Briefing (register)
    • As the year draws to a close join us again for a round up of everything CMHRC has been working on in 2023 and what’s ahead in 2024.


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  • January 2023: Get to Know CMHRC & How We Can Help (register)
    • Join us for an overview of all of CMHRC’s programs, services, and membership perks! CMHRC Executive Director, Elizabeth Errico, will be live to talk about our support, advocacy, education, and outreach offerings. Bring your questions for the live Q&A Forum at the end. 


  • February 2023: Understanding Misdiagnosis & Childhood Bipolar (register)

    • A back-to-basics look at what bipolar disorder symptoms look like in children, how that differs from adult symptoms of bipolar disorder, why practitioners often miss bipolar in children, how to distinguish bipolar from other diagnoses like ADHD & DMDD, and best practices in treating bipolar in childhood.


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