Participation Agreement

CMHRC requires program participants to affirm their agreement with, and acknowledge their intention to adhere to, the terms, conditions, and parameters of all interactions including but not limited to support groups, drop-in-groups, webinar attendance and discussions, social media interactions, and any off-line interactions (referred to under the umbrella as CMHRC events).

CMHRC hosts peer-to-peer groups for parents and caregivers of children of any age who have been diagnosed with mood disorders, bipolar disorder, and/or Fear of Harm, as well as groups for practitioners, and events open to the general public.


In order to participate the undersigned acknowledges and  agrees to the following parameters:


  • CMHRC events are not therapy, nor does CMHRC provide group, family, or individual therapy.
      • Participants agree that any needed therapy services must be sought separately from CMHRC event participation;
      • Support groups are for peer-to-peer support only;
      • CMHRC and its facilitators are not providing mental health treatment; and
      • Participants understand that CMHRC makes no promise, provides no expectation, nor guarantee of improvement as a result of participation.


  • CMHRC, its group facilitators, and group participants do not offer medical advice or instruction.
      • Group members and facilitators are not present in any professional capacity, nor offer professional expertise or opinions; and
      • All sharing is the personal opinion of, and based solely on the personal experience of, individual participants and not to be mistaken for medical advice or instruction.
      • CMHRC and its volunteers moderate support groups solely to ensure that all group members adhere to the group norms and guidelines.


  • Participation is entirely voluntary and individuals may end their participation at any time.
  • Without written consent CMHRC will not disclose, outside CMHRC’s own board, staff, and volunteers:
      • Participation of any group member, or
      • Personal contact information of any group member.


  • CMHRC reserves the right to use participants’ contact information to communicate directly about CMHRC programs, services, and any other organizational activities.
  • Group members agree to follow all group norms and guidelines in order to maintain participation eligibility. 

Group Norms


CMHRC Members and Program Participants agree to these group norms:


  • Respect the privacy of all other CMHRC event participants 
      • Keep private the names and identity of other members; 
      • Keep private what is said at CMHRC events, and by whom; and 
      • Keep private what happens at CMHRC events. 


  • Share only your experience, strength, and hope 
      • Refrain from offering instructions; 
      • Refrain from commenting on or criticizing the choices of others; 
      • Share only to the level of your comfort; 
      • Do not pressure others into sharing; 
      • Refrain from oversharing; and 
      • Avoid unnecessary negativity. 


  • Recognize CMHRC Member events provide only peer-to-peer support 
      • Seek therapy elsewhere; 
      • Seek medical advice elsewhere; 
      • Refrain from providing professional advice or recommendations; and 
      • Do not ask other members for professional advice, recommendations, or to provide services. 


  • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking; 
  • Keep your camera on unless your internet connection is unstable and  requires your camera be turned off temporarily; 
  • Alert the group members via the chat if you need to turn off your camera; 
  • Do not join the group from a public place unless you are using earbuds; 
  • Allow others a turn to speak and share; 
  • Try to attend support groups regularly to become a part of the group community; 
  • Children are not permitted to attend CMHRC events or be present during support groups. 


I understand that my participation in CMHRC events is voluntary and that a failure to follow these norms and guidelines may result in the termination of my right to participate in CMHRC groups, programs, and services.