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CMHRC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The fees charged for our programs and services are kept at below market rates because we believe that good quality mental healthcare support should be available to as many people as possible. 


Charitable giving supplements the cost of running our programs and services and provides funding for our free resources, supports, and educational efforts.


Products & Services


Overwhelmed? CMHRC can take you through the diagnostic criteria for mood disorders, bipolar disorder, and Fear of Harm. We’ll help it all make sense.






Mental health disorders impact learning and make school an enormous challenge for kids and their families. Let CMHRC help you navigate the IEP & 504 Plan process so you can get the accommodations and support your child needs to succeed.






The Toolkit is a web-app used to track the essential features of mental health disorders. This easy to use software program tracks daily symptoms, medication compliance, narrative summaries of each day, and even your local weather.


Palliative Parenting Classes








Palliative Parenting is a new practice developed by CMHRC mental health professionals in collaboration with parents and patients. Palliate means to ease symptoms, and Palliative Parenting is about easing symptoms and improving quality of life, knowing that behavior change will follow.







Need help communicating with your child’s providers? Or how about getting family to understand the challenges you or your child face? CMHRC is here to provide information on the causes, symptoms, and effective treatments for mood disorders, bipolar, and Fear of Harm in children, teens, and adults.







Ready to change your current mental health or psychiatric provider? Unsure how to proceed and what information you need to share? CMHRC helps smooth that transition with expert support and resources on how to move from one provider to another.