Membership Options


Membership Options


Family members, mental health and medical providers, and schools: CMHRC has the resources you need to help the children you care about achieve stability.



Why Become A Member?


Families Need a Community

Mood disorders, bipolar disorder, and Fear of Harm are extremely isolating illnesses to live with for children and families. Parents often feel alienated from extended family and friends who just don’t understand the daily challenges they face. You feel judged, blamed, and misunderstood. Families, parents, and caregivers need a safe place where they can relax, connect, and be supported by people who live with these same struggles. 


Our support network is diverse and includes families with children as young as 4 and as old as 40. Our families are everywhere on the path to recovery from those who are just starting this journey to those whose children have been stable for years. In our community you will find a home.


Providers Need Support Too

For practitioners and schools there are similar isolating impacts and obstacles to providing treatment and accommodations for kids with these disorders. You want to create real and positive change for these kids, but you don’t always have the tools you need or the opportunity to learn. Mental and medical healthcare providers, as well as school staff, benefit from our protected spaces. In these safe CMHRC learning environments you can gain new insight, ask questions, exchange ideas, not to mention vent inevitable frustrations.  Providing treatment and a successful learning environment for kids who have these difficult symptoms isn’t easy, and you don’t have to do it alone. 


No matter your role, membership gives you access to support, information, discounts, a resource library, and more. Consider joining today. 



Family Membership

Click here to join for only $20 per month 
Click here to get 2 months free with a $200 annual membership


Family Membership Includes Access To:

  • Free access to weekly online support groups for parents and caregivers;
  • Free access to the Member Toolkit – web app which includes tracking for symptoms, medications, weather, and daily mood and behavior summaries;
  • 75% discount on services through the Community Mental Health Advocacy program (with a 1 year membership);
  • Access to educational video archive;
  • Access to complete webinar archive.



Professional Membership 

Click here to join for only $20 per month
Click here to get 2 months free with a $200 annual membership


Professional Membership Includes Access To:

  • Listing in our national referral network for families;
  • Free access to our semi-monthly online professional discussion groups; 
  • Free access to our complete webinar and clinical seminar archives;
  • Access to educational video archive;
  • Free screening & diagnostic materials (per request and consultation);
  • Best practices support;
  • Free access to the Member Toolkit for Professionals – web app for your patients, which includes tracking for symptoms, medications, weather, and daily mood and behavior summaries.



School Partnership

Reach out to us for information on building
a bespoke program for your school. 


All School Partnerships Include (at minimum) Access To:

  • Annual 3 hour live online training for teachers and school staff;
  • Monthly live online Q&A sessions for up to 20 teachers & staff; 
  • “School-to-Home” communication tools. 


Individual school programs are built based on the school district’s needs and requests. Fees are based on the number of hours of staff time are involved in bespoke program development and implementation. 



Remember… You Don’t Have To Do This Alone



Through the classes and networking with other parents online you’ve given us a new hope that there’s help out there.

-EJ, parent of a child with bipolar and Fear of Harm