Diagnostic Consultation


Diagnostic Consultation




Overwhelmed? CMHRC can take you through the diagnostic criteria for mood disorders, bipolar disorder, and Fear of Harm. We’ll help it all make sense.



The diagnostic process can be a confusing one for parents and caregivers. Insurance, DSM, and ICD-10 codes often dictate what diagnosis your child will be labeled with and you don’t always get a complete explanation of why that diagnosis was given. Many families have difficulty accessing assessments for their children because of interminable waiting lists for qualified providers or because of insurmountable geographic or financial obstacles. 


When they are able to access mental health treatment, many kids are diagnosed with an “alphabet soup” of different diagnoses that don’t fully explain their behaviors. Parents realize that there is more to their child’s struggles than meets the eye. Their own investigations, and reading of current research, makes clear that their child’s current diagnosis (or lack thereof) is not an accurate reflection of their health or illness.


CMHRC is here to help unravel the mystery and provide simple straightforward information designed to facilitate access to accurate diagnosing and effective treatment. 


Surveys, Assessments, and Published Papers


What many parents don’t realize is that there are proven and clinically respected assessments to determine diagnosis. Unfortunately, despite their relative accessibility, these assessments often spit out score sheets that require professional interpretation. But is your existing provider ready, willing, and able to interpret them for you?


CMHRC can help by providing access to a series of short assessments and conducting a clinical interview with an expert mental health professional. Once completed, your assessments are compiled into a clear and concise set of materials, including copies of relevant, peer-reviewed and published research papers which outline and explain your child’s likely diagnosis. 


What We Offer


CMHRC’s diagnostic consultation is a one time fee for service program. Priced to be highly competitive, this service will help to bridge the gaps between a family’s understanding of their child’s mental condition, access to accurate diagnosis, and proven and effective treatment options. 



Included in the $600 fee:

  • An array of online assessment surveys;
  • A 45 minute interview and case history review with CMHRC experts;
  • Compilation of your child’s assessment results;
  • Compilation of relevant, peer-reviewed, published papers outlining diagnostic and treatment processes (including layman’s translations);
  • Analysis of diagnostic criteria and how your child’s symptoms correspond to that criteria;
  • Best practices summary;
  • Education and coaching on how to present symptom descriptions to providers and prescribers;
  • Education and coaching on effective communication with providers and prescribers;
  • Education and coaching on strategies for advocating for your child with providers and prescribers;
  • One 30 minute consultation with your prescribing physician; and
  • One 30 minute consultation with your current therapist or counselor
  • 1 year free membership.



Remember… You Don’t Have To Do This Alone


You’ve armed me with an understanding of my child’s illness which makes it easier to understand and advocate for my child.

-AR, parent of a child with bipolar and Fear of Harm



CMHRC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The fees charged for our programs and services are kept at below market rates because we believe that good quality mental healthcare support should be available to as many people as possible. 


Charitable giving supplements the cost of running our programs and services and provides funding for our free resources, supports, and educational efforts.