Advocacy: Community


Community Mental Health Advocacy



Need help communicating with your child’s providers? CMHRC is here to provide information on the causes, the symptoms, and the effective treatments for childhood onset mood disorders, bipolar, and Fear of Harm.  



Psychiatrists, Psychologists, & Psychotherapists


These providers may not have learned about how these disorders present in children and need support to understand your child’s needs. CMHRC experts will meet with these providers on your behalf in order to give them the resources they need to be able to help you and your family.



Occupational, Speech, & Physical Therapists


These providers are ready and able to understand the complex connections between the body and the mind. CMHRC staff will work with your child’s OT, ST, or PT to help bridge the gaps between physiology and mood state, helping your child’s provider design and implement a treatment plan to help your child make real progress.


Information for Legal Providers


Sometimes you need a lawyer to understand and to present to the court, or a judge, information about the diagnosis your child has. CMHRC experts can provide detailed and reference supported documentation about how these disorders present and impact your child. CMHRC can help.


Conversation with Families


As much as families love one another it can sometimes be difficult to understand the complexities of a diagnosis and its recommended treatments. This can cause conflict and strife amongst immediate and extended family members that isn’t necessary. CMHRC experts are able to provide consultation with family to explain mood disorders, bipolar disorder, and Fear of Harm and the impact these illness have on your daily life. With a focus on educating family on the disorders and how they impact you specifically this service is highly specialized and specific to your needs. 


What We Offer



CMHRC’s community advocacy program provides:





  • An initial, confidential one-on-one consultation with you to plan your advocacy and to answer questions;
  • Consultation sessions with each of your providers in order to facilitate accurate diagnosis, and successful treatment;
  • Private follow-up sessions with your CMHRC advocate so you are apprised of the latest communications that have taken place on your behalf;
  • A optional team meeting in which you, your family, and/or all of your providers meet with the CMHRC advocate. 

Community Advocacy Fees: $200 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments. 

Members of CMHRC receive a 75% discount on these services with the purchase of a 1 year membership. Please see our membership page for details. 


Remember… You Don’t Have To Do This Alone



I am exceptionally grateful for the direct advocacy provided on behalf of my family. The proactive, individualized, and compassionate approach was instrumental in enabling us to pursue life-altering treatments.

-CF, parent of a child with bipolar and Fear of Harm





CMHRC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The fees charged for our programs and services are kept at below market rates because we believe that good quality mental healthcare support should be available to as many people as possible. 


Charitable giving supplements the cost of running our programs and services and provides funding for our free resources, supports, and educational efforts.